The Libertum GET tool enables users to swap their tokens on the base network to “GET” more $LBM


Connect your wallet


Choose the token you want to exchange for LBM


Authorize the use of chosen token


SWAP the token into LBM

In the future users will be able to swap cross-chain tokens simply and efficiently.

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Why Now?

Hard work always catches up with perfect timing.

Libertum is positioned to reshape the real estate investment landscape and unlock new possibilities for investors worldwide.

RWA Tokenization

Real Estate Tokenization is projected to experience tremendous growth, Libertum is determined to capitalize on our early start and unique approach.

Favorable Market

Predictions suggest an extremely positive crypto market in 2024, with RWA projects projected to lead this growth.

Rising Cost of Living

The escalating global cost of living is posing insurmountable challenges for individuals looking to invest in real estate.

High Interest Rates

The prevailing high interest rate increases the cost of borrowing money, especially within the commercial sector.


We believe in a conservative approach to ensure price stability. Only a small - but significant - percentage of $LBM will be unlocked at the token generation event. This means that $LBM will enjoy stability and reputational excellence.

Team Token


Treasury Reserve


Staking Reward


Marketing & Airdrop


Ecosystem & Partners


Token Sale



Phase 01

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Project Concept
UK Company Registration
MVP 1.0
Smart Contract Development
Private Sale
Community Building

Phase 02

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Smart Contract Audit
Geo Growth
Commercialize Marketplace
Tokenise First Real Estate
Community Events Launch
Giveaway & Airdrops Launch

Phase 03

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Whitelist presale
Public PreSale
LBM Launch
DEX Listing
Token Staking Pool Launch

Phase 04

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Acquisition of the first Real Estate
Consider CEX Listing
Targeted to tokenise 20 Real Estates
Expansion & Geo Growth
Feasibility of Valuator AI

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the $LBM token details?

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$LBM is an ERC-20 token on the Base Chain with a maximum supply of only 200,000,000 (200 million). The $LBM Token is the native token on the blockchain that is the backbone of the Libertum fractionalized rental income ecosystem. Audit $LBM -

The presale token contract address is “0x56A38E7216304108E841579041249fEb236C887b”. Please do not send any funds to this token contract address, as they cannot be recovered. $LBM can currently only be purchased on Uniswap Uniswap.


Why the $LBM token?

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The $LBM token will be fueling the vibrant Libertum rental income ecosystem. The $LBM token will provide long term rewards for holders of the $LBM token in the form of revenue share through the staking pool. It will generate a 10% return to the $LBM token holders annually. Moreover, it may form a payment overlay network alongside fiat transactions that will ease the barrier to entry into the Libertum ecosystem for those among the unbanked (i.e. no access to traditional financial services).


When is the claim and launch of $LBM token?

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Once the Token Generation Event (TGE) kicks off, eligible holders will receive tokens directly in their wallets. No delays here! As soon as the public sale ends, we'll airdrop the tokens to you. Just head over to the token dashboard to access your tokens during the TGE. And don't worry, we'll make sure the official airdrop is smooth sailing. Just make sure you have the right wallet set up to receive your tokens seamlessly. Need more info? Don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. We're here to support you every step of the way!

In the meantime, the pLBM token will be transferred straight on to your wallet for assurance.


How do I claim my $LBM tokens?

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To claim your tokens, please follow the steps below:

  • Ensure that you participated in the public sale and are eligible to receive tokens during the Token Generation Event (TGE).
  • Straight after the public sale commences, the airdrop process will begin, and the tokens will be distributed to the wallets of eligible holders.
  • During this period, you can access and monitor your tokens on the token dashboard provided by Libertum.
  • Once the airdrop is completed, the tokens will be fully accessible and transferable in your wallet as per the schedule mentioned in the table above.
  • If you encounter any issues or have specific questions regarding the token claim process, kindly reach out to our dedicated support team. We are here to assist you every step of the way.

Where is the company located?

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Libertum is located in The United Kingdom.


How do I contact support?

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Contact our support team at for any questions, concerns, or inquiries. Our dedicated support staff is ready to assist you promptly and ensure your experience with our project is smooth and enjoyable. Feel free to reach out to us anytime, and we are excited to provide you with excellent support and service. Thank you for choosing freedom with Libertum!


How to buy?

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Step 1 - 🔸Go to Step 2 - 🔸Connect your Wallet (BNB Smart Chain) Step 3 - 🔸Ensure you have USDT available in your wallet. Simply swap to get USDT first Step 3 - 🔸Selecting your desired number or amount of pLBM tokens Step 4 - 🔸Purchase through USDT

A few important points:

1. You must be on BNB Smart Chain

2. Please ensure you have sufficient USDT in your wallet. If you do not, then kindly swap and get USDT before buying pLBM

3. Connect to the latest version of the wallet app. Update, if required, first.

1. REQUIREMENTS: You will need to have a web3 compatible wallet such as Metamask connected to your browser, alternatively, you can also use other wallets supported by Wallet Connect, such as Trust Wallet. To ensure a smooth process for participating in the presale, we suggest using a desktop browser and Metamask. For mobile devices, we suggest using Trust Wallet for the smoothest user experience. 2. WALLET CONNECTION: Enter the amount you wish to purchase and click 'Connect Wallet' to choose your preferred payment option for acquiring $LBM tokens. Ensure your wallet has a sufficient balance in the desired currency to display available options or alternatively use pay by card or bank transfer for FIAT payment. After selecting your desired currency in our widget, you'll be redirected to your wallet or card payment gateway for completing the transaction. There will be 2 options to buy LBM: 🔹 with TRANSFER / CARD (Fiat Currency) 🔹 with CRYPTO

3. CLAIM: You can claim your $LBM tokens at the end of the presale. Details will be released closer to the time. Once the presale period has concluded, you must visit our website and click the ‘Claim’ button.


How to claim?

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As we complete all funding rounds, you'll gain the opportunity to claim your $LBM tokens effortlessly! Stay tuned for comprehensive instructions on how to claim, which will be revealed closer to the scheduled time. When the claiming process is ready, simply visit our main page at and click on the 'Claim' button. We've got you covered, and claiming your $LBM tokens will be as seamless as our investing in our fractionalized rental income model.


What is the maximum investment allowed?

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Right now is 10.000 USDT. Feel free to contact us for a major investment.


What's the minumum investment allowed?

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Right now minimum investment allowed is 50 USDT


Where is my pLBM?

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If you don't see the $pLBM in your wallet, you may need to import it. This process is simple and only requires you to enter the token contract address into the token import section of your wallet. Once this is done, the tokens should appear in your balance automatically. Please ensure you are using the wallet you used to participate in the Launchpad presale. Once claimed, you can add the token into your wallet with the token address: “0x28c79d4d03562b9d2b606bcb7c7fb23beff5e907” Please do not send any funds to this token contract address, as they cannot be recovered. $LBM can currently only be purchased through the official presale a