Tokenization Technology
for Real World Assets

Libertum is the all-in-one tokenization technology, marketplace, and community. Libertum enables anyone to tokenize, trade and access liquidity with any Real World Asset.

We’re more than an investment platform. Our end-to-end technology allows millions of investors to connect, buy and sell, lend and borrow, leveraging assets such as real estate, commodities, precious metals and gems, royalties, art, securities and more, all across the globe.

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RWA Tokenization

Unlock the Revenues of any Real World Asset

The next stage in the evolution of real estate investment is here. Libertum will reduce the need for intermediaries, making real estate investment cost-effective and efficient.

Through tokenization, property owners can quickly raise capital while investors enjoy passive income backed by real collateral. This innovative approach creates a decentralized digital system that seamlessly integrates with the physical world.

🛡️ Investment Security - Your investment is linked to a Real-World Asset

💰 Profit not property – Enjoy the benefits of a property without the overheads

🔀 Diversification – Access Premium markets and properties


Asset owners

Access Interest free capital for your next Investment

We are the next stage in the evolution of RWA: real estate, commodities, precious metals and gems, royalties, art, securities... Libertum will reduce the need for intermediaries, making RWA investment cost-effective and efficient.

💰 Access to capital— interest free, with terms you shape and define

🕹️ Control Your Asset — unlike costly complicated and expensive alternatives, you maintain ownership of your property

⚡ Speed to market - List in weeks (not months), avoid traditionally expensive bureaucratic processes for real estate and other assets.

Retail Investors

Unlimited access to a Global Pool of Premium Assets

Real-World Assets remains the most sought after investments. Diversify your portfolio and begin your journey in real estate investment. Libertum simplifies the issuance, licensing, transfer, and oversight of tradable digital assets and security tokens. These tokens represent various assets such as real estate, precious metals, commodities, local produce, royalties, securities and many more. Our intuitive solutions empower users to interact securely with blockchain technology, even without technical expertise.

🌐 Tokenization - access to high-value real estate assets represented by NFTs

⛓️ Enhanced Liquidity — trade their tokens on our P2P blockchain-powered platforms.

💰 Passive income – consistently earn rental income proportionate to your investment


Be part of the RWA Evolution. Today.

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Real-World Asset Owners

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Libertum Ambassadors

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Smart Investors

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Technology Partners

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Tokenize your Assets

Forward thinking real estate owners and agencies can be part of the Libertum evolution.

$35 trillion worth of assets will be tokenized within the next decade according to the World Economic Forum.

Don’t be left behind.

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